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What are Pokies

If you are going to talk gambling in Australia, you have to talk about Pokies. But what are pokies?

What are Pokies?

To get the definition of pokies you first have to understand how it all began.

Gambling culture in Australia simply would not be what it is today without them. For the analog experience, you can probably rely on your local pub but of course, this is the 21st century, so the internet plays a part as well.

How it all began

Poker machines were introduced to North America in 1981, specifically in Brooklyn and San Francisco. The latter received a three-reel machine sporting an extremely limited selection of symbols.

Even though the highest winnings would amount to just 50 cents or less, the popularity of the game still spread like wildfire across the country.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, Brooklyn had a five-reel machine and winning any prize money all counted on how good a hand you could play.

As these machines were popular in clubs, said prize money was determined by an operator. This form, however, would eventually fall out to the much simple triple reel design.

For all the fuss that was being made regarding pokies, it is interesting to note that it would be many decades after their introduction that they would finally be legalized. In 1956, Australia became the first to do it.

Pokies online

Pokies started becoming available online with the advent of the 90s. Initially, they had a limited number of pay lines and lowly looking interfaces but that would change.

The connection of multiple networks created the potential for immense jackpots worth millions to be created. The online revolution also ushered in 3D graphics and animations.

Pokies today

The popularity of pokies is still ever increasing thanks to greater cultural acceptance and availability on the World Wide Web.

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That being said, there is certainly no other place where they are more popular than in the land down under.

Pokies online is simply an adaptation and evolved version of the original games from the late 19th century, except that now, you can play them on your own personal smart device. Bets can be anywhere from one cent up to 1000AUD.

New pokies break into casinos every other week or so.

Types of pokies

The two main types of pokies are classic and video pokies. The former has three reels and pay lines vary between 1 and 5. The video pokies normally have 5 reels with pay lines numbering between 5 and 100.

Playing pokies

Player controls usually reside beneath the reels. After selecting the stakes – coin value and bet value – you can activate the spin. You may also go for the autoplay’ option which will initiate up to a thousand spins. In true gambling fashion, there is no true way to win at pokies. All you can hope to do is initiate a spin and hope it spins well.


The fact that playing pokies is a proper gamble is not to say that you cannot make use of a few tips.

But these will only slightly improve your chances of winning.

If you are new to pokies, it would be best to start in free demo mode so that you do not risk your own money. One thing you probably will experience the whole time is the thrill of victory and the general excitement of playing.

Lucky Nugget Pokies

luckynugget pokiesPokies at the Lucky Nugget Casino are a lot of fun. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to win some extra money and have fun then read this article.

Not only are there a number of games to choose from, this casino also offers you a completely legitimate way to engage in your favourite pastime.

Let’s take a closer look.

Types of Pokies

If you like variety when it comes to Pokies, then you really will be spoilt for choice here.

This is because they have every category that you can imagine.

So, if you prefer the more traditional version of the game, you can find Classic reels, complete with vintage icons and symbols – Aussies just love playing pokies.

On the other hand, if you would rather stick with more contemporary options, there is a lot for you to select from in this category as well.

This is because you can find video Pokies with storylines that will keep you engaged for as long as you decide to play. These are certainly a fun and exciting take on the traditional Pokies.

In case you are looking for a major payday, you will be pleased to know that you can also play the Progressive Jackpot Pokies as well.

This gives you the chance to win big each and every time that you press a button.

The Themes

Not only are there a lot of types of Pokies to select from, there are also an incredible number of themes as well. This increases just how much fun that you can have with each game. Titles such as Avalon II allow you to go on a hunt for the Holy Grail. Then, you have Thunderstruck II with takes you on a journey with the Scandinavian Gods. These, of course, are just two of the many, many titles available for you to play.

The Quality of the Pokies

Just as important as the games themselves is the quality offered by each of the Pokies. Well, here, too you can expect to be treated to the highest quality possible. This is because the Pokies on the site are created and powered by Microgaming Systems, one of the top gaming software companies.

As a result, you get to enjoy stunning gameplay that boasts vibrant graphics that heighten your experiences with the Pokies. Adding to this are the realistic sound effects that make you feel as though you really are playing in a casino rather than sitting behind a computer screen.

Mobile Pokies Opportunities

So, what if you want to play a quick online Pokie game but you aren’t at home? Well, have no fear because you can now download a program onto your phone or tablet so that you can take your Pokies with you wherever you go. As long as you have access to the internet, you can play your favourite games.

What’s great about this particular mobile gaming option is that:

  • you still have access to many different kinds of Pokies titles.
  • you can play the Progressive Jackpot on your phone (win big even when you are on the move).
  • The quality of the Pokies isn’t compromised in any way.
  • The gameplay and graphics are still excellent so you get to enjoy the same level of quality on your mobile devices.

Bonuses and Promotions

Want to play Pokies games on the Lucky Nugget site or app? You may be wondering whether there are any bonuses available.

Well, there is one for new, first-time players. When you make your first deposit, you stand the chance to earn a 150% welcome bonus. This means that you can get up to $200 simply by joining up.

Regulation and Security

Now, of course, when playing online Pokies games, you want to be certain that all the games are fair. Well, you can be sure of this because these Pokies rely on a randomisation technique.

The slots’ actions are completely arbitrary and can’t be tampered with. The Casino is a licensed website, ensuring that it is under the purview of many different regulatory agencies.

This concludes the assessment of the Pokies games available at the Lucky Nugget online casino. They are sure to meet and surpass your expectations!

Popularity of Pokies

Pokies, or if you prefer, slot machines are unparalleled in their popularity as casino games. They draw in millions of players venues both physical and online to play their massively entertaining games that are both innovative and retro-themed.

And of course, they come with attractive winnings and bonuses and so on. And who they will go to is anyone’s guess.

Pokies on a Global Scale

But we have not come to the primary reason why this is the most popular form of gambling around. The games are quite simple and easy to get and are flexible enough to incorporate beloved themes from pop-culture such as movies and TV shows.

And by the end, who wins and who loses all comes down to chance. There are experienced players, but hardly any experts. Even as a beginner, you are in with a big shout of winning like any other player.

So now let us go over the hotspots on an international level where pokies have taken the gambling community by storm.


Australia only ranks 7th among countries with the densest population of adult gamblers. But percentage wise, no other country can touch it. Pokies here are awidespread and beloved element of the culture.

You can bet that your local pub or casino there will oblige you with a game anytime you feel like throwing some money on the table and walking away with a little more.

Now the fact that pokies here are so frequented by the general public is due in part to strict regulation and oversight. All gaming machines are required to offer returns no less than 85%, high enough to tickle anyone’s fancy. Plus, if you happen to have a complex of overspending on gambling ventures, many machines have been banned from accepting $100 notes as part of a government enforcedremedy.

And even on days when popping down to your local pokies venue seems like more trouble than it is worth, you can resort to playing at an online casino which also affords you extra winnings over physical slot machines.

United Kingdom

Gambling in the UK has been alive and well for centuries and slot machines have been operating in pubs now for several decades. A slot machine in England is known as a fruit machine or fruity. However, in recent times, pubs have stopped hosting them and players have shifted to fixed-odds betting terminals or FOBTs. While these are a bit controversial, the odds are favorable for a wide range of games you can find them in just about any UK bookmaker.

The laws surrounding gambling in the UK are not that strict and so players have taken the liberty of playing slot machines online. Many of the world’s leading online casinos to operate in the UK and therefore lend themselves as a more convenient alternative to playing with a physical machine.


In terms of quantity, Japan is currently the world leader in slot machines. And it has its own unique that heavily influences them. You can easily find slot machines here in the adult section of arcades, amusement centers, and pachinko parlors.

Gaming developers here have devised a unique style of gaming here mostly to circumvent the strict laws of the land regarding gambling. Funny enough, regular gambling in Japan is illegal.

But since the games we are talking about here are styled after pinball, they are culturally protected as a derivative of Pachinko. Online gambling is in Japan is illegal as well, but who would be wiser when players can enlist the help of a VPN or Proxy?


In sharp contrast to Japan, however, the Canadian government takes no issue with gambling activities within its shores as they are a major contributory factor to the economy and culture. So long as the games are provided by a licensed source, they considered legal in any province.

AS you would expect then, Canada is teeming with casinos which usually have several hundred slot machines and table games. You can also gamble at leading online casinos here with no concern for it being illegal. It is the preferred method for many Canadians.


There are plenty more countries where you have free and easy access to pokies but these are very definitely the top four you should know about.

Pokies Myths and Truths

Australia was the first country to legalize slot machines within its shores. And since then they have come to be acultural staple and favorite past time of many of its citizens. The driving reasons behind the popularity of pokies here are exactly what they are in any other country.

They are simple and easy to understand, developed around a popular theme and offer equal chances of winning to every player, novice or experienced.

And in Australia, they are strictly regulated to be safe gaming and dish out here percentages on returns. The bare minimum return for any gaming machine here is 85%. That is more than an attractive deal for an adult gambler.

The machines are essentially computers that mathematical programming to randomize their outcomes. So each machine will dish out prizes at random intervals and retain a commission of the amount that goes into them.

We mentioned that the minimum rate on returns in the whole of Australia is 85%. In some states, it is even higher. Victoria, for instance, has a minimum return of 87%, which is after any deducted amount on special jackpots.

The balance will go to the owners of the game or as a tax. What that means for the player is that they are likely to make an average loss of 13% or more. Considering the way pokies are configured, that loss can multiply two, four or even six times over.

What chance do you have to win at pokies?

Slot machines are naturally set up to return less than what goes into them. So the longer you spend gaming on the same machine, the greater your chances of losing all the currency you bet on it.

There is no use attempting to find a way to tame the machine. The only variable here that you need to retain full control of is yourself. And knowing your slot machines for what they really are underneath all the advertising and attractive themes is key.

To that end, we have managed to sort a list of facts vs. fiction regarding pokies and where you really stand in terms of winning them.

Myth: There are certain times of the day when a slot machine is more likely to pay out.

Truth: The most defining characteristic of pokies games are that their results are entirely random and the games are not somehow rigged to count the amount of green there is in the machines.

Myth: You can rig play patterns and trick a slot machine into a payout.

Truth: As far as we know, the computer programmer is entirely immune to any form of trickery and you can only get the machine to respond when you push the button.

Myth: A certain combination of buttons on the machine can alter the final result of the game.

Truth: The buttons on the machine either go on or off, nothing more. So no amount of brainstorming about them is going to better your chances of winning.

Myth: Intense concentration or a positive approach can somehow alter the game in your favor.

Truth: Yeah, no. The machine will remain entirely apathetic to whatever positive energy you inflict upon it. It is a machine after all, not a sentient being. You can only coax a response out of it when you push the button. That is it.

Myth:If you are having a bad day at the machine, keep on gambling till your luck improves.

Truth: No, bad idea. The result you got before and the result you get next are about as connected as you are to a Lego brick. In other words, they are not connected at all. First of all, that would illegal. Second, slot machines are entirely indifferent to the number of wins and losses that are occurring. They carry on producing random outcomes and retain an equal level of disregard for every gambler attempting a win.

Myth: Some machines pay out better than others.

Truth: Complete hogwash. All slot machines use the same computer programming that produces entirely random results. The only factor affecting your odds here is the game you are playing. There are no heroes amongst thieves here.


Hopefully, that gives you a much clearer insight into playing pokies next time around.

Why Are Pokies So Popular in Australia?

Anyone who is not aware of Australia’s obsession with pokies is missing an important history lesson. But have you pondered on why that is the case? No other form of gambling can top pokies in the island continent.

Sure, Australia only ranks seventh in the amount of slot machines it contains but heck, that is not exactly saying anything contrary because those machines number at some 196,000. If Australia was any bigger, you can bet there would be more, and for once, your bet would not be a one in a gazillion chance.

And besides, Australia really is ahead of the rest of the world when you stop looking at broad numbers and focus more on proportions. The United States may have more slot machines within its landmass but Australia has approximately six times more machines per capita. It houses a good 2.8% of all working slot machines globally.

But anyway, returning to the question. How did pokies become so popular here?

They are pretty entertaining… but why?

There are a number of sales pitches that draw players to a slot machine. There are the flashing lights, bright colors, big prize money if you happen to get lucky, and just some pretty cost efficient fun. It is a deal good enough for the majority of gamblers in Australia.

The machines have been here since the early 20th century but were not made legal until 1956 and still remain to be made legal in Western Australia, where they strictly limited only to the casino.

In the beginning these machines were simple. They had no lights, just three spinning reels and five pay lines. But they were still jolly good fun and began working their way in as a cultural staple for many communities. With the advent of computers, things would gradually liven up.

Now there could be at least 5 reels and a whole lot more pay lines. So their popularity was gaining tremendously and as they became legal, they exploded into casinos, pubs and hotels. The games these days are usually based on a popular theme – movies, comic books, TV shows and so on.

And it was not like they were the sole attraction anyway because there was always the elusive possibility of hitting the jackpot and receiving prize money worth hundreds of millions in currency. Few are those who could resist.

The other key attraction to know about pokies is that do not really require skill on your part to afford you some good returns. It is purely a game of chance, something that renders your thinking faculties about as useful as a rock.

So it is equally accessible to just about anyone and does not make the winners seem any smarter the losers. Everyone is simply playing the game.

And then they went online

Internet casinos first became a thing in the early 90s. Australia was initially behind on grasping this online concept mostly due to regulations imposed by the government. Now though, there are literally hundreds of online casinos to try which offer you the entertainment of playing pokies and dealing with really currency straight from your bedroom. No legal bindings to worry about either.

Accessing pokies online cuts all those additional costs like parking tickets, food and drinks and so on. And players will also be treated to a greater assortment of slot titles compared to the land-based machines. You can also count on them to be way more technically advanced than what they would be at the local pub.

What else is popular about online casinos? Land-based venues are only required to dish out a payout rate of 85% or 87% if you are in Victoria. With online casinos there is no real competition there. With online casinos, those rates must be publicly accessible and should be upwards of 95% when it comes to pokies games. Not bad, not bad at all.


So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why pokies really took off in Australia. While the same reasons would apply to people in other countries, we have not seen anyone take so kindly to this form of gambling as Australia has.

Online Pokies Tips

Seriously, what kind of Australian are you if you have not had a go at playing pokies at least once in your life?

Pokies are such a widely accepted element of the culture that it would be hard to imagine what Australia would be like without it, let alone one of its citizens. Australia and pokies go way back towards the early 20th century, in fact. But they only started becoming legal from 1956 onwards. Western Australia however, still restricts pokies to the casino alone.

Still, that is part of the reason why we are here to talk about online pokies. With your bedroom being your private space and all, there is not much the government can do to interfere with that. So when you feel lucky enough to win some extra cash, no one is going to stop you.

Just do not feel invincible enough to transform it into an addiction. You may wonder if there is really any advice to be had about winning a game that bases its results purely on chance. The truth is those players who tend to win have more of something that you do not: information.

And we are about to spill a whole lot of it right now so you will be a lot wiser next time you play and we are pretty certain it will boost your winning chances immensely. So let us go through the tips now.

1) Take a long hard look at the paytables

Paytables will break down precisely each game is played. You will bet in on some crucial information like payout combinations and their exact value. This information would certainly help with finding the games that yield the largest jackpots. As you can see already, selecting which game you play is a crucial first step on the road to a win. You can also reference the paytable to find out whether you may have to bet a specific amount of coins to gain access to the bigger jackpots.

2) Keep a weather eye on the pay lines

So long as you have a versatile amount of funds at your disposal, a machine with several pay lines would mean a swift-moving game consisting of several different ways of winning. A lack of funds however will also limit the amount of pay line that you can afford so it is always best to bring a sizeable budget to the table before you play.

Note how many symbols are offered on each pokie

If the answer to that question is a lot, right then and there, your chances of winning will not be too great. A large amount of symbols equals a lesser chance of hitting the one that will win you the money.

3) Consider progressive pokie jackpots

A progressive jackpot in a pokie indicates a special opportunity you would not find in another game. Be aware of the rules at all times. Normally, you would have to place the highest possible bet in order to win the jackpot.

4) Consider the cost for each spin

While you may be able to downsize you coins, all of the pay lines still remain to be played. According to the majority of players, the twenty pay line pokies are simply not cost efficient to be played long term.

5) Choose your favorite theme

As you know, part of the appeal of pokies games is that they are often based on popular themes which relate well with the players. Choosing one based on them you are fond of will keep you interested and happy.

6) Keep up the discipline

In the case of pokies as with any other form of gambling, it goes without saying that you cannot let emotion cloud your judgment. Only rational thought here would serve you well. Do not take more chances than you can afford if you happen to sustain a losing streak. It simply is not worth the risk of adding more salt to the wound. Always opt for a calm and calculated approach.

Keep these simple tips in mind next time you play and you will have already boosted your chances of winning immensely. After all, this all based on chance but if you really try, you can swing the odds ever so slightly in your favor and in some cases, that is all that really needs to happen.

How To Win At Online Pokies

Before you carry on reading, there is this one very important thing for you to bear in mind. No trick in your gambling arsenal is going to guarantee a 100% success rate. And we are certainly not going to describe one here.

But what we can give you are some kickass tips you can use that actually work and will massively improve your chances of scoring with them slot machines. We reckon you will be able to look back on your pokies career with pride after you have followed through with these tips we are about to spill. So let’s get right into it: Pokies – How To Win On the Machine.

Can you actually increase your chances of winning here?

Well, not with that attitude. What exactly is a pokie if not a computer? It is a computer that uses an algorithm which we know as a random number generator – or RNG – which will generate a totally random selection of reels or numbers which will spin and be placed according to whatever RN was G’d. So yes, we are looking at a game of complete and utter chance. Two-face would have simply loved it we imagine.

Whatever number you get will be as different to the last as it will be to the next. At no point during the game is a result recorded and remembered. SO there is absolutely no basis for determining an outcome here. So how the blazes does one improve their chances of winning here? Wait for it.

Theoretical probability

Love is a universal language; so is math. And if you would only pay little more attention to the latter you would know that there is such a thing as probability theory. Probability of course refers to the likelihood of a specific result occurring and is measured between the numbers 0 and 1; zero denoting the result is impossible while 1 denotes the result as being all but certain.

The most common example used to demonstrate this is the simple coin toss: 1 coin, 2 sides, two equally likely outcomes. In theory, logic would dictate an equal number of outcomes on an even number of tosses. But in the real world logic is far less effective.

 Understand that this is a game of chance

It is in the nature of chance itself to not always yield what is fair and rational. And any form of gambling all but embraces this concept. With a coin there was a 50/50 chance between a head and a tail. The odds of scoring jackpot on a pokies game are about 1 in 6 and a half million. Absolutely nothing logical about that at all. The key here is to look at the bigger picture in order to better your winning chances.

Practice, practice, practice

We do not mean this in the same way as you might apply it to playing golf or throwing darts. That is to say, do not keep mindlessly investing in slot machines till you are penniless and bankrupt and expect to be any better at gambling. After all, this is a game of chance is it not? So what amount of practice is going to make you any better at it?

What constitutes practice when it comes to playing pokies is taking a long hard look at the combinations and pay lines. The fact there is a way more favorable than the others but you need to be very observant in every situation to lock onto it.

You need to keep processing through all those completely random results to narrow down on the perfect multiplier and line combo. The same principle applies both for machines at your local pub as well your online casino. So indeed practice makes perfect, though not quite the same way as it does in most other cases.

The X-factor here is information pure and simple. If you can pick out a few things that another player may not, you will have defied equal odds and give yourself the upper hand in this game of chance.

And that really is all we have to say. Scrutinize the high paying jackpots and value of getting 3 of a kind vs. 5 of a kind and you will be in a prime position to win big, really big.



Best Online Pokies Australia

Online Pokies is really popular in Australia.While gambling of any sort is alive and well on the island continent, we would not be so sure it would be on such a scale as it is now without pokies.

Even if Australia does not exactly have the largest availability of pokies in terms sheer numbers, the two have somehow become synonymous with each other. In fact, people do not even talk about gambling anymore, just pokies.

And that is saying something for a country that still ranks 7th in the list countries where pokies are most popular. So how come?

Well, if you do try your luck at gambling, you will realize by and by that pokies come into their own not just on a slot machine in a casino but even more so on your pc screen or mobile phone right at home. There is just one crucial difference to note here.

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The online games afford you a heck of lot more benefits. So no surprise then that online pokies in Australia are at an all-time high.

Right now we are aboutto take a look at those games that are really at forefront of it all. Here are what we consider to be a few of the best online pokies you can find in Australia. The crucial criteria that they all have in common are:

  • Brilliant software featuring intense graphics & games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Plenty of banking options and bonuses

1. Game of Thrones

It is an easy invite for most people since most people would rate Game of Thrones as their favorite TV show. According to some memes, that is 99% of the global population. While that may be a bit overrated in real life, online casinos would have to be soft in the head to not capitalize on it and treat players to a game set in the Kingdom of Westeros. And Microgaming has gotten there first.

Of course, there will be clans fighting over an iconic iron throne your objective is to claim that throne for yourself. It is a pokie suitable in equal measure for both fans of the series and proper players. You get wild symbols spread out over all five reels which indicate some pretty good payouts. Scatters, on the other hand, may be found in the Iron Throne symbols. And you can try it absolutely free. Needless to say, this is ahuge hit in Aussie gambling circles.

2. Avalon II

In this pokiethemed after the legend of Arthur awaits Excalibur. Avalon was the place where Arthur sought refuge to recover from injuries incurred from his battle against Mordred. He was cared for by the Lady of the Lake who in the game is a bonus. Scatters are indicated by Grail symbols, of which any that are three and above will set you on a mythical quest as the Lady spreads from the center reel to cover the entire reel.

Extremely popular amongst Australian players. Well, it is free after all and it is based on a medieval English legend so why not?

3. The Dark Knight Rises

If you are a DC fan or Nolan fan, we can already tell that there is a wide grin on your face right now – not as wide as Heath Ledger’s, mind you – but still, pretty wide. This slick pokie is based on the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight Trilogy. It would be the most demanding challenge Batman has ever faced physically and mentally as he finally meets his match in unarmed combat in the form of a mercenary called Bane who intends to destroy Gotham.

Launched by Microgamming, it is a classic five-reeler that picks up the action from where The Dark Knight left off. There are four different types of free spinning, of which any one can trigger a battle between Bane and Batman. And it features actual footage from the movie! No way was this going to pass without being duly recognized here as an Aussie favorite.

So all of these pokies have turned out to be themed after popular entertainment franchises and fair enough as those sources are incredibly popular. Perhaps that is one other bit of the criteria we left off earlier. They all run on a catchy theme that draws in a wider net of players.

Winning Strategies for Playing Pokies

You might feel that trying to come up with a strategy for gambling is more than a little futile since the very nature of gambling dictates that the end result is based exclusively on chance. All a strategy is in this game is a method of slanting your chances ever so slightly to the winning side.

Still, there is no such thing as a strategy that affords a 100% hit rate. In the case of pokies, the necessity for a strategy seems to be even more obtuse. A players winnings on modern pokies are based factors like random number generators and software. So how does a strategy trump all of that? A Winning Strategy for Playing Pokies. Well, let’s find out.

What exactly is a pokies strategy

Back in the early 1900s when Australia first became akin to playing pokies, the physical machines obviously were not aided by computers. They were therefore susceptible to simple tricks like being tipped over so they would release more coins or by using a single coin on a string and then betting the same credit each time without actually giving away any money. But with the advent of computer software, such cheating mechanisms are no longer effective.

One of the main objectives of a pokies strategy is to enhance the value of the investment made by the player. Believe it or not, there are some really tactical hacks you can use while playing. While they may not necessarily cause an appreciable rise in your winning chances, they will lead you to make better decisions and approaches that will make it more satisfying.

The main reason why poker machines seem to be just everywhere in Australia is that a lot of people make a lot of money out of them. On an annual basis, they accept billions of dollars’ worth of investments. This is further helped along by the designers who configure the games to potentially attract bigger bets from investors. If you are going to the game with realistic expectations, you are likely to enjoy it a lot more.

Manage your money

You have to be smart and loyal to the budget you have set aside for pokies. If you have any regard for your bank balance you will be setting up limits on how much you will invest on a poker machine. Do not invest more than you are prepared to lose in any case. In a way, online casinos are ahead here because they allow players to preset their limits which will them stall any bets that are made once the limit is exceeded.

Be part of the loyalty club at your casino

These are pretty common in the online pokies community. The objective of the casino here is to attract more real funds out of the players. The loyalty program keeps track of how much you invest in your own account and gives you different rewards based on that information. For a player, the occasional reward or bonus is always welcome.

Keep your emotions in check

While it is a game that does have personal consequences, financially that is, it is still important to look at pokies first and foremost, as a game. The moment you let your mood be altered by a bad result, you are at risk of making a bad decision – a decision to claw something back by reinvesting beyond your designated limit. More often than not, you just end up losing more money. Plus, you will not be able to enjoy it like you used to.

Be realistic with your expectations

A lot of players are tempted to go for the big fish – the progressive jackpots or fixed credit wins that are valued in tens of thousands. But expecting to win any one of those from the moment you step up to the machine is going to be depressing almost all of the time. Such an enormous payout is extremely rare. Do not walk up to the machine every time and expect to land one of those. After all, this is mainly intended as a recreational activity with a little extra cash to make it worth your while.

And that is about as good a strategy as you can stick to in a game based solely on chance.



Online Casinos That Accept American Express

Credit cards offered by American Express are also known as Amex cards. These cards are quite popular among the American population. It is estimated that over 30 million people in the United States are actually American Express cardholders.

This number is quite explanatory due to the large number of rewards and bonuses that cardholders can expect to receive quite often.

While this card is accepted in most places, there are only a limited number of online casinos that accept payments made by American Express.

Therefore, if you are a cardholder, you may be struggling to find an online gambling establishment that will accept your card.

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To help you out with this, the following is a list of online casinos that do accept American Express cards. These are credited online casinos that ensure that all of the payment methods and financial information are as secure as possible. Here are your best options:

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino is an online establishment that welcomes players from all over the world including the United States. The online casino utilizes Real Time Gaming software, allowing it to offer over 120 casino-style games to their patrons. In addition to the large number of games to choose from, Lucky Red also offers a welcome bonus of up to $4000.

Customers are able to pay through a variety of ways including American Express credit cards. Clients can make a minimum deposit of $35 and a maximum deposit of $1000. This transaction occurs instantaneously. Patrons can also withdraw money using their credit cards. Here, the least amount of money that can be withdrawn is $50.

The largest sum of money that can be withdrawn is $5001. This process can often take up to four days to be completed.

Club World Casino

If you are an American casino seeker, than Club World Casino is definitely one of the better options around for you. Not only does this online casino accept American residents, but it also has a variety of gaming options to choose from. Customers can play over 120 casino games at this online establishment.

There are also different ways of paying, including with Amex cards, which make this a versatile online casino to join. If you opt to pay with Amex, you will have to deposit at least $35 with the casino. The biggest amount you can deposit is $1000. You are also able to get cash payouts the same way as well.

You will have to take out at least $50, each time that you withdraw. However, this amount cannot exceed $5001. When depositing money with credit cards, the transfer will take place immediately. With withdrawal, this may take about four days to process.

Bovada Casino

Bovada is quite often frequented by American patrons. It is a trusted online casino that has built itself quite a reputation among those who want a large selection of casino games. This is largely due to the fact that it works with Real Time Gaming Software. Another reason that this online casino is so popular is because it accepts American Express cards in addition to other payment methods. With this credit card, you will be able to deposit money into your casino account. The smallest amount allowed is $20, while the upper limit is $1000. There is a charge levied, however, every time that you deposit money through this method. This will amount to about 6.9 percent of the total deposit. Patrons are unable to withdraw money with their American Express cards, however.

High Noon Casino

The High Noon online casino is known for its excellent Wild West themed graphics. It also offers a large variety of both table games as well as slot games. This online casino caters to individuals who are living within the United States.

There are several different ways that you can make payments to this online casino. One of these ways is by using your Amex card. This is possible as long as you keep the deposit between the amounts of $35 and $1000. The money will be placed in your account promptly.

There is also an option for withdrawing your money the same way. The acceptable range here is between $50 and $5001. This processing may take up to four days if you choose to withdraw using your credit card.

These are the online casinos that will accept your American Express card. It is important to remember that each online casino will have their own terms and conditions when it comes to depositing and withdrawing using your credit card.