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Paypal Pokies

PayPal is now a household name synonymous with a highly reputed and reliable method on payment online. It is also widely accepted payment method for numerous online casinos that specialize in real money gaming online.

However, there is one critical downside. This form of payment is not available for players from Australia. The country is actually home of a substantial part of the real-money subsidiary of the online gaming community.

PayPal and Pokies

It is no secret that Aussies love to play pokies and other kinds of gambling. It is an integrated part of the culture loved and enjoyed by the locals as well as tourists and vacationers who visit. So it seems most unfortunate that PayPal is a no-go for securing online payment over there.

However, we will touch on alternative means before we are finished here.

But why exactly is PayPal not an accepted method of Payment inside the Aussie border? That is mainly down to some of the terms and conditions that come with it, technicalities that we will not waste time on.

The bottom line is, you cannot use PayPal to do business with an online casino in Australia. So let us get on to the alternatives and other topics.

When looking for an alternative, the first thing you should look for is a license from eCOGRA. This way you have assurance from an official authority ,that your payment method is secure and reliable.

Some of the trusted alternatives to PayPal include Skrill, web wallets such as Neteller, Visa, bank transfers and so on.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds with Paypal

If your online casino account is registered in a country that accepts PayPal, you will find the elementary processes like making deposits and withdrawals to be easy and convenient. Once you have signed up for an account using real money, click the deposit icon on the main menu. A list of options will appear, one of which will be PayPal. Select PayPal and type in your account info and how much you would like to deposit.

All bank transfers made to you by your online casino will be redirected by PayPal to your PayPal account and will require you to sign in every time before allowing a withdrawal or deposit to be made. So you will have the advanced security of your Secure Socket Layer digital encryption (available from any recommended casinos) reinforced by PayPal’s SSL as well.

Additional Benefits

It usually takes between 3 and 4 business days for a PayPal transaction directed at your bank account to come through. However, you can get it done faster with PayPal’s debit card.

PayPal offers a choice of two accounts, a personal account and a business account. As an individual interested in pokies and other forms of gambling online, you had best go for a personal account as it will be the less expensive of the two to set up.

You can also conduct transactions on your mobile device when you are on the move.

Paypal and Online Casinos

PayPal was not originally designed with online casinos in mind. However, after laying down a few mandatory requirements, PayPal has been adjusted to comply with online casinos. The minimum requirement is that:

a) the casino as well as its subscribed players should be based in an area where gambling online is legal

b) the operator of the site must be approved by PayPal to receive payments through PayPal’s own service.

The former condition is the main reason this PayPal is not available to Australians as a payment method.

Alternatives to PayPal

Aside from PayPal, there other means available to players in Australia that are exempt from using PayPal.

  1. Web wallets – In Australia, these are the products of trusted providers like Skrill and Neteller. They allow you to store funds in your account and do transaction with an online casino without it requiring you to fill in any personal information about your finances.
  2. Pre-Paid Cards – Some popular service providers of prepaid cards such as Paysafecard are usually an accepted method of payment by online casinos. They contain a separate pin – like your usual bank card – that can be entered online and enable funds to be transferred into your account. Plus, you will not have to reveal your identity in order to gamble and neither do you need a credit card or bank account even.


It may initially come across as handicap that you cannot use PayPal in Australia to gamble and play pokies. Just give the alternative methods a try, and you will find them to be quite convenient to use as well.


Steve Thompson

I live in Melbourne. I have a Masters degree in Economics. I am a full-time gambler since 2007. Pokies is my favorite.

Page Updated: September 27, 2017

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