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Online Casinos That Accept American Express


Credit cards offered by American Express are also known as Amex cards. These cards are quite popular among the American population. It is estimated that over 30 million people in the United States are actually American Express cardholders.

This number is quite explanatory due to the large number of rewards and bonuses that cardholders can expect to receive quite often.

While this card is accepted in most places, there are only a limited number of online casinos that accept payments made by American Express.

Therefore, if you are a cardholder, you may be struggling to find an online gambling establishment that will accept your card.

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To help you out with this, the following is a list of online casinos that do accept American Express cards. These are credited online casinos that ensure that all of the payment methods and financial information are as secure as possible. Here are your best options:

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino is an online establishment that welcomes players from all over the world including the United States. The online casino utilizes Real Time Gaming software, allowing it to offer over 120 casino-style games to their patrons. In addition to the large number of games to choose from, Lucky Red also offers a welcome bonus of up to $4000.

Customers are able to pay through a variety of ways including American Express credit cards. Clients can make a minimum deposit of $35 and a maximum deposit of $1000. This transaction occurs instantaneously. Patrons can also withdraw money using their credit cards. Here, the least amount of money that can be withdrawn is $50.

The largest sum of money that can be withdrawn is $5001. This process can often take up to four days to be completed.

Club World Casino

If you are an American casino seeker, than Club World Casino is definitely one of the better options around for you. Not only does this online casino accept American residents, but it also has a variety of gaming options to choose from. Customers can play over 120 casino games at this online establishment.

There are also different ways of paying, including with Amex cards, which make this a versatile online casino to join. If you opt to pay with Amex, you will have to deposit at least $35 with the casino. The biggest amount you can deposit is $1000. You are also able to get cash payouts the same way as well.

You will have to take out at least $50, each time that you withdraw. However, this amount cannot exceed $5001. When depositing money with credit cards, the transfer will take place immediately. With withdrawal, this may take about four days to process.

Bovada Casino

Bovada is quite often frequented by American patrons. It is a trusted online casino that has built itself quite a reputation among those who want a large selection of casino games. This is largely due to the fact that it works with Real Time Gaming Software. Another reason that this online casino is so popular is because it accepts American Express cards in addition to other payment methods. With this credit card, you will be able to deposit money into your casino account. The smallest amount allowed is $20, while the upper limit is $1000. There is a charge levied, however, every time that you deposit money through this method. This will amount to about 6.9 percent of the total deposit. Patrons are unable to withdraw money with their American Express cards, however.

High Noon Casino

The High Noon online casino is known for its excellent Wild West themed graphics. It also offers a large variety of both table games as well as slot games. This online casino caters to individuals who are living within the United States.

There are several different ways that you can make payments to this online casino. One of these ways is by using your Amex card. This is possible as long as you keep the deposit between the amounts of $35 and $1000. The money will be placed in your account promptly.

There is also an option for withdrawing your money the same way. The acceptable range here is between $50 and $5001. This processing may take up to four days if you choose to withdraw using your credit card.

These are the online casinos that will accept your American Express card. It is important to remember that each online casino will have their own terms and conditions when it comes to depositing and withdrawing using your credit card.

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