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Online Pokies Tips

Seriously, what kind of Australian are you if you have not had a go at playing pokies at least once in your life?

Pokies are such a widely accepted element of the culture that it would be hard to imagine what Australia would be like without it, let alone one of its citizens. Australia and pokies go way back towards the early 20th century, in fact. But they only started becoming legal from 1956 onwards. Western Australia however, still restricts pokies to the casino alone.

Still, that is part of the reason why we are here to talk about online pokies. With your bedroom being your private space and all, there is not much the government can do to interfere with that. So when you feel lucky enough to win some extra cash, no one is going to stop you.

Just do not feel invincible enough to transform it into an addiction. You may wonder if there is really any advice to be had about winning a game that bases its results purely on chance. The truth is those players who tend to win have more of something that you do not: information.

And we are about to spill a whole lot of it right now so you will be a lot wiser next time you play and we are pretty certain it will boost your winning chances immensely. So let us go through the tips now.

1) Take a long hard look at the paytables

Paytables will break down precisely each game is played. You will bet in on some crucial information like payout combinations and their exact value. This information would certainly help with finding the games that yield the largest jackpots. As you can see already, selecting which game you play is a crucial first step on the road to a win. You can also reference the paytable to find out whether you may have to bet a specific amount of coins to gain access to the bigger jackpots.

2) Keep a weather eye on the pay lines

So long as you have a versatile amount of funds at your disposal, a machine with several pay lines would mean a swift-moving game consisting of several different ways of winning. A lack of funds however will also limit the amount of pay line that you can afford so it is always best to bring a sizeable budget to the table before you play.

Note how many symbols are offered on each pokie

If the answer to that question is a lot, right then and there, your chances of winning will not be too great. A large amount of symbols equals a lesser chance of hitting the one that will win you the money.

3) Consider progressive pokie jackpots

A progressive jackpot in a pokie indicates a special opportunity you would not find in another game. Be aware of the rules at all times. Normally, you would have to place the highest possible bet in order to win the jackpot.

4) Consider the cost for each spin

While you may be able to downsize you coins, all of the pay lines still remain to be played. According to the majority of players, the twenty pay line pokies are simply not cost efficient to be played long term.

5) Choose your favorite theme

As you know, part of the appeal of pokies games is that they are often based on popular themes which relate well with the players. Choosing one based on them you are fond of will keep you interested and happy.

6) Keep up the discipline

In the case of pokies as with any other form of gambling, it goes without saying that you cannot let emotion cloud your judgment. Only rational thought here would serve you well. Do not take more chances than you can afford if you happen to sustain a losing streak. It simply is not worth the risk of adding more salt to the wound. Always opt for a calm and calculated approach.

Keep these simple tips in mind next time you play and you will have already boosted your chances of winning immensely. After all, this all based on chance but if you really try, you can swing the odds ever so slightly in your favor and in some cases, that is all that really needs to happen.

Steve Thompson

I live in Melbourne. I have a Masters degree in Economics. I am a full-time gambler since 2007. Pokies is my favorite.

Page Updated: September 27, 2017