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Pokies Myths and Truths

Australia was the first country to legalize slot machines within its shores. And since then they have come to be acultural staple and favorite past time of many of its citizens. The driving reasons behind the popularity of pokies here are exactly what they are in any other country.

They are simple and easy to understand, developed around a popular theme and offer equal chances of winning to every player, novice or experienced.

And in Australia, they are strictly regulated to be safe gaming and dish out here percentages on returns. The bare minimum return for any gaming machine here is 85%. That is more than an attractive deal for an adult gambler.

The machines are essentially computers that mathematical programming to randomize their outcomes. So each machine will dish out prizes at random intervals and retain a commission of the amount that goes into them.

We mentioned that the minimum rate on returns in the whole of Australia is 85%. In some states, it is even higher. Victoria, for instance, has a minimum return of 87%, which is after any deducted amount on special jackpots.

The balance will go to the owners of the game or as a tax. What that means for the player is that they are likely to make an average loss of 13% or more. Considering the way pokies are configured, that loss can multiply two, four or even six times over.

What chance do you have to win at pokies?

Slot machines are naturally set up to return less than what goes into them. So the longer you spend gaming on the same machine, the greater your chances of losing all the currency you bet on it.

There is no use attempting to find a way to tame the machine. The only variable here that you need to retain full control of is yourself. And knowing your slot machines for what they really are underneath all the advertising and attractive themes is key.

To that end, we have managed to sort a list of facts vs. fiction regarding pokies and where you really stand in terms of winning them.

Myth: There are certain times of the day when a slot machine is more likely to pay out.

Truth: The most defining characteristic of pokies games are that their results are entirely random and the games are not somehow rigged to count the amount of green there is in the machines.

Myth: You can rig play patterns and trick a slot machine into a payout.

Truth: As far as we know, the computer programmer is entirely immune to any form of trickery and you can only get the machine to respond when you push the button.

Myth: A certain combination of buttons on the machine can alter the final result of the game.

Truth: The buttons on the machine either go on or off, nothing more. So no amount of brainstorming about them is going to better your chances of winning.

Myth: Intense concentration or a positive approach can somehow alter the game in your favor.

Truth: Yeah, no. The machine will remain entirely apathetic to whatever positive energy you inflict upon it. It is a machine after all, not a sentient being. You can only coax a response out of it when you push the button. That is it.

Myth:If you are having a bad day at the machine, keep on gambling till your luck improves.

Truth: No, bad idea. The result you got before and the result you get next are about as connected as you are to a Lego brick. In other words, they are not connected at all. First of all, that would illegal. Second, slot machines are entirely indifferent to the number of wins and losses that are occurring. They carry on producing random outcomes and retain an equal level of disregard for every gambler attempting a win.

Myth: Some machines pay out better than others.

Truth: Complete hogwash. All slot machines use the same computer programming that produces entirely random results. The only factor affecting your odds here is the game you are playing. There are no heroes amongst thieves here.


Hopefully, that gives you a much clearer insight into playing pokies next time around.

Steve Thompson

I live in Melbourne. I have a Masters degree in Economics. I am a full-time gambler since 2007. Pokies is my favorite.

Page Updated: September 29, 2017