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Popularity of Pokies

Pokies, or if you prefer, slot machines are unparalleled in their popularity as casino games. They draw in millions of players venues both physical and online to play their massively entertaining games that are both innovative and retro-themed.

And of course, they come with attractive winnings and bonuses and so on. And who they will go to is anyone’s guess.

Pokies on a Global Scale

But we have not come to the primary reason why this is the most popular form of gambling around. The games are quite simple and easy to get and are flexible enough to incorporate beloved themes from pop-culture such as movies and TV shows.

And by the end, who wins and who loses all comes down to chance. There are experienced players, but hardly any experts. Even as a beginner, you are in with a big shout of winning like any other player.

So now let us go over the hotspots on an international level where pokies have taken the gambling community by storm.


Australia only ranks 7th among countries with the densest population of adult gamblers. But percentage wise, no other country can touch it. Pokies here are awidespread and beloved element of the culture.

You can bet that your local pub or casino there will oblige you with a game anytime you feel like throwing some money on the table and walking away with a little more.

Now the fact that pokies here are so frequented by the general public is due in part to strict regulation and oversight. All gaming machines are required to offer returns no less than 85%, high enough to tickle anyone’s fancy. Plus, if you happen to have a complex of overspending on gambling ventures, many machines have been banned from accepting $100 notes as part of a government enforcedremedy.

And even on days when popping down to your local pokies venue seems like more trouble than it is worth, you can resort to playing at an online casino which also affords you extra winnings over physical slot machines.

United Kingdom

Gambling in the UK has been alive and well for centuries and slot machines have been operating in pubs now for several decades. A slot machine in England is known as a fruit machine or fruity. However, in recent times, pubs have stopped hosting them and players have shifted to fixed-odds betting terminals or FOBTs. While these are a bit controversial, the odds are favorable for a wide range of games you can find them in just about any UK bookmaker.

The laws surrounding gambling in the UK are not that strict and so players have taken the liberty of playing slot machines online. Many of the world’s leading online casinos to operate in the UK and therefore lend themselves as a more convenient alternative to playing with a physical machine.


In terms of quantity, Japan is currently the world leader in slot machines. And it has its own unique that heavily influences them. You can easily find slot machines here in the adult section of arcades, amusement centers, and pachinko parlors.

Gaming developers here have devised a unique style of gaming here mostly to circumvent the strict laws of the land regarding gambling. Funny enough, regular gambling in Japan is illegal.

But since the games we are talking about here are styled after pinball, they are culturally protected as a derivative of Pachinko. Online gambling is in Japan is illegal as well, but who would be wiser when players can enlist the help of a VPN or Proxy?


In sharp contrast to Japan, however, the Canadian government takes no issue with gambling activities within its shores as they are a major contributory factor to the economy and culture. So long as the games are provided by a licensed source, they considered legal in any province.

AS you would expect then, Canada is teeming with casinos which usually have several hundred slot machines and table games. You can also gamble at leading online casinos here with no concern for it being illegal. It is the preferred method for many Canadians.


There are plenty more countries where you have free and easy access to pokies but these are very definitely the top four you should know about.

Steve Thompson

I live in Melbourne. I have a Masters degree in Economics. I am a full-time gambler since 2007. Pokies is my favorite.

Page Updated: September 29, 2017