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How To Win At Online Pokies

Before you carry on reading, there is this one very important thing for you to bear in mind. No trick in your gambling arsenal is going to guarantee a 100% success rate. And we are certainly not going to describe one here.

But what we can give you are some kickass tips you can use that actually work and will massively improve your chances of scoring with them slot machines. We reckon you will be able to look back on your pokies career with pride after you have followed through with these tips we are about to spill. So let’s get right into it: Pokies – How To Win On the Machine.

Can you actually increase your chances of winning here?

Well, not with that attitude. What exactly is a pokie if not a computer? It is a computer that uses an algorithm which we know as a random number generator – or RNG – which will generate a totally random selection of reels or numbers which will spin and be placed according to whatever RN was G’d. So yes, we are looking at a game of complete and utter chance. Two-face would have simply loved it we imagine.

Whatever number you get will be as different to the last as it will be to the next. At no point during the game is a result recorded and remembered. SO there is absolutely no basis for determining an outcome here. So how the blazes does one improve their chances of winning here? Wait for it.

Theoretical probability

Love is a universal language; so is math. And if you would only pay little more attention to the latter you would know that there is such a thing as probability theory. Probability of course refers to the likelihood of a specific result occurring and is measured between the numbers 0 and 1; zero denoting the result is impossible while 1 denotes the result as being all but certain.

The most common example used to demonstrate this is the simple coin toss: 1 coin, 2 sides, two equally likely outcomes. In theory, logic would dictate an equal number of outcomes on an even number of tosses. But in the real world logic is far less effective.

 Understand that this is a game of chance

It is in the nature of chance itself to not always yield what is fair and rational. And any form of gambling all but embraces this concept. With a coin there was a 50/50 chance between a head and a tail. The odds of scoring jackpot on a pokies game are about 1 in 6 and a half million. Absolutely nothing logical about that at all. The key here is to look at the bigger picture in order to better your winning chances.

Practice, practice, practice

We do not mean this in the same way as you might apply it to playing golf or throwing darts. That is to say, do not keep mindlessly investing in slot machines till you are penniless and bankrupt and expect to be any better at gambling. After all, this is a game of chance is it not? So what amount of practice is going to make you any better at it?

What constitutes practice when it comes to playing pokies is taking a long hard look at the combinations and pay lines. The fact there is a way more favorable than the others but you need to be very observant in every situation to lock onto it.

You need to keep processing through all those completely random results to narrow down on the perfect multiplier and line combo. The same principle applies both for machines at your local pub as well your online casino. So indeed practice makes perfect, though not quite the same way as it does in most other cases.

The X-factor here is information pure and simple. If you can pick out a few things that another player may not, you will have defied equal odds and give yourself the upper hand in this game of chance.

And that really is all we have to say. Scrutinize the high paying jackpots and value of getting 3 of a kind vs. 5 of a kind and you will be in a prime position to win big, really big.



Steve Thompson

I live in Melbourne. I have a Masters degree in Economics. I am a full-time gambler since 2007. Pokies is my favorite.

Page Updated: September 27, 2017